5 Minor Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Nobody likes going to the doctors, especially if the symptoms are minor and can be ignored. Sometimes a cold is really just a cold and it’s fine if you decide to power through it, but more often than not the real issue is much more sinister than that. Also, detecting health problems at an early stage is often the best way to treat them efficiently and without unnecessary risks.

Regardless of how certain are you about the quality of your overall health, these five symptoms should be a good reason to call your doctor right away and schedule an appointment.

Weight loss

Weight loss can be a good thing, but only if you’ve worked hard to achieve it. Sudden and unexplained weight loss, however, should be a cause for concern. It’s a symptom of adrenal deficiency, which is itself a symptom of Addison’s disease. It’s also connected to diabetes, especially if the weight varies significantly. In some cases, weight loss can indicate colon cancer. Depression also often manifests itself in this way and many patients don’t notice the psychological symptoms until the physical ones emerge. In the end, HIV/AIDS also can be connected to weight loss, although other symptoms usually manifest themselves earlier.

Persistent fever

Fever usually isn’t taken seriously because it’s associated with the common cold or the gastroenteritis. But, if the fever persists and common flu medicine proves to be ineffective, it can be a symptom of a more serious disease. Infection of the ear, kidney and the bladder all cause a high fever. Problems with lymphocytes can be an early sign of some cancers and the fever is the easiest way to spot it. Blood clots are more likely to occur in patients with high fever as well.

Urinary problems

Urinary issues are unpleasant and something that most men prefer not to discuss, even with their doctors. It’s absolutely essential to do so because prostate issues are easily cured or managed if the doctor is privy to all information right away. Burning or pain during urination, frequent urges to urinate during the night or even something minor like decreased flow of urinary stream can signal a prostate problem. Professionals like Dr Haddad provide treatment for infections or potentially more serious problems, such as prostate cancer.

Lower back pain

Back pain is pretty common after a strenuous workout or even as a result of stress. It’s also one of the most obvious signs of aging. That’s why most people ignore it and simply learn to live less active lives. These pains could indicate a herniated disc, arthritis or even a spine infection. Sciatica is a particularly unpleasant back problem that comes from compressed nerve roots. Also, kidney pains are often confused for muscular ones. Urinary infections or kidney stones could be diagnosed and treated much earlier just by paying attention to back pains.

Diminished appetite

This symptom is pretty hard to notice, but it could be very important. If you feel full sooner than usual or after eating much less than you usually do, call you doctor and explain the problem. This is a common symptom of gastroesophageal reflux disease known as GERD. Some forms of peptic ulcers can also cause early satiety. In very rare cases noticing this symptom can help diagnose pancreatic cancers. If the problem is accompanied by vomiting or weight loss there’s a chance that there’s a dangerous underlying cause.

Pay attention to small and frustrating changes that your body is going through, sometimes they can be early symptoms of a dangerous disease. A short trip to the doctor will alleviate your concerns and possibly save your life.

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