Just for Men: 5 Libido Killers You’re Probably Doing Right Now


Men of all ages enjoy sex but drives vary. Some have naturally low sex drives, and, in other cases, actions and thoughts kill a libido. If you’re looking for added sex drive or wondering why there’s a stutter in your libido’s step, avoid the following.

Just for Men: 5 Libido Killers You’re Probably Doing Right Now


Short of inventing a time machine, you can’t reverse your chronological age but you can maintain your body’s health. Devoting your life to eating right, drinking plenty of water, and exercising regularly does reverse time. By staying healthy, you’re more likely to avoid disease, look younger, and feel better than those of the same age or younger.

A younger body hosts a healthier sexual appetite. You may be 60 but grow aroused and perform like you’re 40- as long as you stay healthy.


Libido Killers thinking

Those who suffer from traumatic events or periods influence their sexual appetite and performance. Worse, thinking about subpar performance or low drive inspires a downward spiral of psychosomatic proportions. Thoughts take influence over body parts.

Visiting with a psychologist or professional counselor helps address issues that keep you away from things you enjoy in life, such as sex. An underlying mental issue can create an absence of sexual drive and ability. Moreover, drug addiction and alcohol abuse blur the mind and create a number of associated body malfunctions. Long term addiction treatment centers focus on addiction as well as overall wellness.


Medicines taken to treat a medical condition, or solution putting on your head to treat baldness, host side effects that lower one’s sex drive. Hair-loss remedies and HIV drugs are known to damper desire, so speak to your doctor about changing prescriptions if there’s a recent relation between medication and lowered libido.

Moreover, diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity contribute to a weak sexual appetite. In this case, a lowered libido is a result of the disease and not the treatment. Seek medicines and actions to address the ailment to increase sexual drive.



Being overworked is related to lowered sex drive and subpar performance. A daily regimen of work, exercise, parenting, etc. can create added stress and consume your thoughts while depleting drive and energy. Additionally, too much work combined with too little sleep results in a lowered libido.

If you can’t work less you have to devote more time toward getting sound rest. If not, you’ll never have time for everything in addition to a healthy sex life.


Sometimes, couples in long-term marriages and relationships lose interest in the act due to monotony. Couples come to expect the same routine, which is still pleasurable but less exciting than before. Yet, a commitment to continuous flirting (sending naughty text messages, shopping for lingerie, and being verbal about wants and desires) reignites sexual flames and interests.

Couples remain bonded yet sometimes cease courtship, which is so important to keeping a spark going in a relationship. Your low sex drive may be a result of a boring sex life. Spice things up and increase your libido.

Kevin Martel has been happily married for over 30 years now. A retired health coach, he likes to help others live happier, healthier lives. Read his articles mostly on health, wellness and inspirational blog sites.

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