5 Deadly Fad Diets That You Must Avoid

5 Deadly Fad Diets That You Must Avoid

The popularity of Fad diets continuously increases because it claims that it can make dieters lose weight in a snap. However, in spite of the rapid weight loss results that it delivers diet specialists couldn’t agree with it.

Primarily, it is due to the idea that fad diets sound unhealthy and may bring detrimental effects to health. Now, if you are planning a shortcut to being fit, here are the things that might change your mind.

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Types of Fad Diets and Its Side Effects

Tape Worm Diet

Believe it or not, Tapeworm diet really exists. In fact many dieters who rush to shed pounds are often tricked into it. Aside from being disgusting and unsanitary, the diet is illogical and ineffective.


Its concept is, you consume parasite eggs such as beef tapeworm eggs and once you’ve reached your desired weight, you’ll treat yourself with medications to eliminate the worms. However, as soon as the worms are gone, you’ll start gaining weight again, and who knows you might catch illness too.

The Vinegar Diet

Gulping plenty of vinegar mixed with water is not the best way to lose weight. While many dieters believe that it is a good beverage to cleanse the body, specialist states that its common side effects include vomiting and diarrhea.

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That is also the main reason why people who follow this diet lose weight. Nevertheless, we all know that too much of these two can lead to dehydration and other diseases.

Sleeping Beauty Diet

In the 1960’s s the Sleeping Beauty Diet is a hot trend. Many dieters including popular celebrities like Elvis Presley used the diet to lose weight. Basically, you will need to be heavily sedated to feel sleepy for days.

Since, you will not be able to eat well, there’s a big possibility of weight loss. The downside of this diet is you’ll miss a lot of happenings while you are asleep and you’ll likely gain weight because of extreme hunger that you’ll feel the moment you wake up.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

Hollywood actors like Sarah Michelle Gellar vow to the Cabbage Soup Diet wherein you can only eat cabbage soup, fruits, vegetables, skim milk, tea, low fat yogurt and coffee for seven days. But, based on studies, the fad diet can cause mood swings, low energy levels and sugar cravings. Meaning, it only provides a band aid solution but never a real solution to being overweight.

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The Last Chance Diet

The Prolinn Diet A.K.A the last chance diet was invented by Roger Linn in 1970’s. With this diet you need to drink a miracle liquid made up of ground hooves, animal horns, bones, tendons and by-products of animals improved by colors, artificial flavors and super enzymes to combine all the ingredients. The beverage contains 400 calories and zero nutrients. Hence, dieters who drink it lose weight but often suffer from heart attack.

If you are determined to cut back pounds, I recommend that you exercise daily, watch the food that you eat and have a healthy lifestyle.

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Milena March 15, 2015 - 12:29 am

I’m so disgusted by the Worm diet, I can’t believe that someone do that… However thanks for sharing the disadvantages of all other bad diets.

Kat April 14, 2015 - 6:56 pm

I actually like the cabbage soup and make it frequently. I don’t eat it to lose weight though.
Vinegar is used in many remedies but I wouldn’t use it as an everyday weight loss regimen.

Anthony March 24, 2016 - 2:55 am

Thank you for this informative article, I am currently on diet in the cutting session and all you said is correct.


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