4 Essential Oils For Weight Loss

Essential oils have mind blowing effects on the human body. This can be seen by the rising popularity of stores like Saje and other natural wellness stores with a focus on aromatherapy. What if we told you these same oils can help you to lose weight?

This isn’t to say that by just using these oils you will instantly lose weight, but combined with eating right and exercise studies have shown that these will aid in weight loss. They do this by speeding up your metabolism allowing you to digest food faster.

While many different essential oils can aid by helping to reduce your stress and therefore lower your cortisol, or even give you the energy needed to head to the gym, there are certain essential oils known to aid in your weight loss journey.

  1. Grapefruit

This essential oil helps you lose weight by increasing your metabolism. It will not only speed up the time it takes to digest your food but also your stomach’s efficiency. On top of noticing this you will also find other exciting physical benefits. Grapefruit helps you to think more clearly. This amazing essential oil is perfect to pair alongside a cleanse you are doing as well.

  1. Peppermint

This is one of the best overall essential oils. It aids in weight loss by suppressing your hunger so you feel full longer. You will no longer overeat while using this essential oil. Peppermint also has many other great properties. Have a headache from a long day at work? Rub this on your temples and behind your ears and feel it melt away.

  1. Lemon

Lemon is a robust essential oil. In addition to its fresh scent, lemon in essential oil form has been scientifically proven to help to burn fat. It is also great for your gut. It’s no secret that Lemon is regularly used in cleanses. Lemons in any form should be a big part of your dirt regime.  It is known to make you happier by increasing the norepinephrine in your brain.

  1. Ginger

You have probably heard of taking ginger pills as a cure for nausea. But on top of promoting better digestion ginger essential oil will also help you lose weight. It does this by curbing your cravings for sugar, a win when you are trying to stick to a healthy diet.


Another surprising feature of ginger is that it’s anti inflammatory. Nobody likes stiff joints, especially when focusing on a new exercising routine. Inflammation also promotes weight gain. It sends signals that you are injured to your body and in turn hoards calories. Ginger stops this cycle.

How To Use Essential Oils

There are many ways to use these essential oils. You can add a drop to a glass of water. This will get the oil into your system and working for you. More commonly they are relied on as aromatherapy agents in which you rub on your skin and gain the benefits through inhaling the scent.  If you like the smell you can also use a diffuser to spread it through a larger area. This will aerate the oil and make your surroundings smell amazing.

Final Thoughts

Essential oils are a powerful tool that should be used in your everyday life to promote wellness. Just as they can be used with so many issues, this alternative medicine can be quite powerful when used correctly. Aiding in weight loss is one of the many benefits of these natural wonders. Helping to speed your metabolism, increase your mood, decrease your stress and even reduce inflammation will all aid in you feeling your best.

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